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Van Lai Carlsberg Brewery - Carlsberg brewery is trying to better Chinese beer brewing standards in order to provide better beer for more people. Van has been a marketing leader at the firm for over a decade.

Anthony Lau Bank of Communications - Anthony left his prior position as Head of Strategic Projects for the Asia Pacific Region at HSBC. He is now the Marketing Director for the bank’s credit card unit, known as Pacific Credit Card Centre..” He and his team drive business growth by being customer-centric.

Stephen Lau– Colgate-Palmolive –Stephen started his career at Procter & Gamble as the Associate Director. He has since worked with Asia Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd, Wrigley China and Healthitude Investment Group in various management roles. He is currently the General Manager for Colgate Palmolive.

Richard LeePepsi – Richard is the former Vice President of Marketing fro Pepsi, China and recently was re-hired as the CMO. He is trying to make Pepsi into an Iconic Youthful Spirited Brand.

Wendy LiuHP – Wendy has had 12+ years of Marketing and Communications experience in HP China, and has seen the IT giant expand into new market segments and businesses.

Jenny LukHSBC - Jenny is the Senior Vice President, Brand Development & Management & Digital Marketing , and brings more than fifteen years of experience on the Client and Agency side in Hong Kong and now in China.

Michael LuDell –Michael has worked with Lenovo, Ogilvy & Mather, he now works with Dell. Dell is planning to expand into smaller cities and double its sales outlets in China.